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Steel sandwich panel is made of high quality steel plate and lightweight materials. It is a new material in architectural decoration, and is produced using a special sandwich panel production line. This steel sandwich panel is widely used in factory workshops, large warehouses, gyms, supermarkets, refrigeration houses, and other applications due to its beautiful appearance, strong rigidity, durability, convenient construction, low cost, and other advantages.

As a professional supplier of the sandwich panel production line, our sandwich panel production line comes with equipment for loading materials, a forming machine, and a laminating system. The sandwich panel machine speed is easily regulated by means of variable frequency step-less speed regulation technology. A PLC control system from reliable suppler gives our sandwich panel production line advantages such as high transmission efficiency, precision adjustment, and product dimension accuracy. A high degree of automation is achieved, and production costs are reduced, due to high production efficiency.

Huaheng is a China-based sandwich panel production line manufacturer and supplier. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including a CNC cutting machine, roll forming machine, purlin forming machine, and more.

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