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Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

YXOOKM51-240-720 floor decking roll forming machine is mainly used to produce steel floor decking and can produce high quality floor decking which has advantages, such as no cutting deformation, high strength, and a large working load.

High quality design, machine parts, and accessories contribute to the great performance of our floor decking roll forming machine. The machine's stand is made of H steel and is 14mm thick plate, so the rigidity and stability of the floor decking forming machine is very high. The uncoiler has a load bearing capacity of 5 tons. A guiding block is used to ensure that workpieces move in the straight line. The high-powered hydraulic motor provides enough power for the hydraulic system to cut pieces at a speed of up to 9m/min, providing high production efficiency. The cutter is made of Cr12 and is heat treated in order to give it a hardness ranging from 58° to 62°. The roller is made of 45# steel and is coated with a 0.05mm thick layer of chromium, so its anti-corrosion ability is improved and the floor decking roll forming machine service life is extended. A reliable PLC electric control system from Japanese Omron provides advantages such as high precision and fast speed regulation, and a frequency converter from Taian also contributes to fast and reliable speed regulation. Convenient and automatic control can be achieved with the help of a computer which displays text, and all forming processes can be executed simultaneously.

1. Floor Decking Picture

Main Specifications

Type GL - I (YX51-240-720) Application
Effective Width (mm) 720
Feeding Width (mm) 1000
Thickness (mm) 0.8 1.0 1.2 Steel Floor Decking
Section Inertia (cm4/m) 52.8 64.55 76. 38
Section Resistance (cm3 /m) 16.45 20.69 26. 39

2. Technical Specifications of Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Forming type Simultaneous forming
Guide Rod mm φ 50
Bearing Guide mm φ 40
Shaft mm φ 70
Motor Power of Machine kW 18.5
Linear Speed mm/min 10000-12000
Motor of Hydraulic Station kW 4
Number of Stations 27
Rolling Thickness mm 0.8-1.2
Material Uncoiling Width 1000
Cut-to-length Accuracy mm ± 1.5
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 26000×1400×1400
Weight kg 18000

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