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C Purlin Forming Machine

Our C purlin forming machine has been specially designed and carefully manufactured to produce high quality C purlin. To illustrate, the roller is forged and subjected to heat treatment so that it is very hard and wear resistant. In fact, its hardness can be 60 HRC. We use spacer sleeve made of seamless pipe which has the advantages of convenient replacement, excellent stability and reliability. The use of a hydraulic motor from Intermot greatly improves the dynamic performance of our C purlin forming machine. The mold base which is used in the punching process consists of a standard guide column and feather key, which provides high precision and long service life. Also, all upper mold retaining plates are made of 45# steel and undergo heat treatment. Our cutting mold is made of Cr12 steel and the thickness can be up to 32mm, thus ensuring cutting mold hardness and long service life. In order to guarantee that electrical control system works normally, main electrical components are purchased from reliable suppliers and the computer used is from Japan Omron.

In addition, the hydraulic unit is installed independently and a large volume oil tanker helps ensure that the hydraulic system work normally, even at high temperatures. This also makes it convenient to replace oil. The oil cylinders are high quality engineering cylinders, and advanced sealing components guarantee excellent sealing performance and a long service life. The integral pressing plate is made of steel plate of 900mm long, 950mm wide, and 35mm thick. The C purlin forming machine is convenient to maintain due to our advanced design.

Technical Specifications of C Purlin Forming Machine

Dimensions(L×W) mm 8800×2000
Weight T 12
Linear Velocity m/min 0-10
Number of Stations 13
Roller Material GCr15
Max Roller Quenching Thickness mm 8
Roller Quenching Style Salt Bath Furnace Quenching Hardening
Roller Main Shaft Material 40Cr
Roller Diameter mm 80
Roller Shaft Heat Treatment Thermal Refining
Roller Bearing Mode Deep Groove Ball Bearing 212
Rolling Width mm 80-300
Rolling thickness mm ≤3
Motor Model Radial Piston Motor M8-900
Pump Model Axial Piston Pump 63SCY14-1B
Motor Power kw 22

Process Flow
Loading Materials ① -- Flattening ② -- Molding ③ -- Sizing ④ -- Straightening⑤ -- Length Measuring ⑥ -- Punching Circular Lacing Hole ⑦ -- Punching Elliptical Connecting Hole ⑧ -- Cutting ⑨

C purlin is widely used as wall beam and purlin in steel structure building, and also can be integrated into roof truss, bracket, and other building components. Actually, high quality C purlin can make a steadier and more reliable building. High performance C purlin forming machine is indispensable for producing high quality C purlin.

The primary components of our C purlin forming machine are a material rack, material rack basement, material feeding device, straightening device, forming machine, punching device, slitting device, hydraulic unit and computer control system. Our C purlin forming machine is equipped with an advanced hydraulic driving unit, and the workpiece size can be identified automatically after forming. There is no waste and no deforming will occur during the slitting process. It is also safe to operate this C purlin forming machine. In addition, our C purlin forming machine has the advantages of strong bending-resistance, excellent straightness, automatic fixed-size cutting and punching function, a high degree of automation, and convenient installation.

Huaheng is an experienced C purlin forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to purlin forming machine, our company also provides a CNC cutting machine, roll forming machine, H-beam steel production line, and more.

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