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The steel H-Beam is a common beam structure used in architecture and frame construction. In traditional H-Beam steel production, H-Beam steel suppliers would manufacture H-Beam manually. This kind of production has disadvantages, such as a low degree of automation, large amount of labor, high production cost, and poor product quality. As a professional H-Beam production line manufacturer, we provide customers with an advanced and efficient H-Beam steel production line.

Our H-Beam steel production line includes a multithread flame cutting machine, H-Beam assembling machine, submerged arc welding machine, straightening machine, and shot blasting machine. It improves the H-Beam quality and degree of automation. The assembling machine greatly improves assembly speed and quality. In addition, a 4 fillet weld can be accomplished with the help of a submerged arc welding machine, and the straightening machine can straighten work pieces automatically. Therefore, it is obvious that our H-Beam production line can achieve a high degree of mechanization and improve productivity.

Our H-Beam steel production line is manufactured using advanced manufacturing technology, and we offer our products at reasonable prices. Also, our company is located in the Shanghai Economic Zone, where our access to convenient transportation results in economical shipping rates for our global customers.

In addition to our H-beam steel production line, we at Huaheng also offer a sandwich panel production line, C purlin forming machine, CNC cutting machine, roll forming machine, and much more.

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