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Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine is an automatic shot blasting and cleaning machine with rollers. H-beam steel surfaces can be cleaned and strengthened by high speed steel balls, whose diameter is 1.2-1.8mm, shot from a grit blasting machine. In this way, a smooth H-Beam surface of certain roughness can be produced and paint film adhesion ability can be increased. Surface quality and anti-corrosion properties are also improved.

Our shot blasting machine can process workpieces with a cross section area of 800mm wide and 1600mm high and a length of 16000mm, with a production efficiency of 0.4-2.5m/min. There are 8 grit blasting machines at the right and left sides of the grit blasting warehouse which is the working area. According to the features of H-Beam steel, the grit blasting machine is installed at the best position and every grit blasting machine has a working capacity of 250kg/min, in order to achieve the best cleaning ability. According to international standards, Sa2.5 is achieved and the surface roughness is Ra15-50. The shot blasting machine also has a layer of wear-resistant plate on the inner-chamber wall which protects the chamber and extends the chamber's service life. The tube filter dust collector we use comes from America's DONALDSON, and it has the advantages of high efficiency, little friction, compact size, light weight, and convenient maintenance. We offer this high quality shot blasting machine at a very reasonable price.

Technical Specifications

Shot Blasting Machine Model Q034Ⅱ
Working Capacity 250 kg/min
Motor Speed 2950 r/min
Blasting Speed 65-70 m/s
Motor Power 11 kW
Roller Style Workpiece Transporting System
Input Roller Length 12000 mm
Output Roller Length 12000 mm
Max Working Load 2500 kg/m
Transporting Speed 0.4~4 m/min (frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)
Motor Power 2×2.2 kW
Steel Ball Transporting System
Steel Ball Transporting Capacity 120t/h
Longitudinal Screw Conveyor
Motor Power 5.5 kW
Bucket Elevator
Motor Power 7.5 kW
Working Speed 1.5 m/s
Working Capacity 120 t/h
Air Separator
Motor Power 5.5 kW
Working Area Length 2000 mm
Dust Collector System Model LMF-Ⅰ
Dust Discharging Ability < 120mg/m3
Air Flowing Speed in Chamber > 5m/s
Dust Collecting Ability 18000 m3/h
Filter Numbers 12
Filtering Area(12×20) 240 ㎡
Centrifugal Fan Mode 4-72-5A
Centrifugal Fan Flow Rate 18000 m3 /h
Centrifugal Fan Wind Pressure 2022 Pa
Centrifugal Fan Motor Power 15 kW
Discharging steel Ball Fan Power 15 kW
Dimensions(L×W×H) 6770×2900×3150 mm
Total Motor Power ≈140 KW
Total Air Flow Rate 18000 m3/h

As a specialized shot blasting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Huaheng also provides our quality C purlin forming machine, multithread flame cutting machine, CNC flame plasma cutter, metal floor deck roll forming machine, and much more.

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