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Straightening Machine

Steel work pieces, such as H-Beam steel, can deform due to different factors during the rolling and cooling process. A straightening machine is used to straighten H-Beam steel, so that these flaws can be eliminated. The machine features a compact structure and convenient operation, and is widely used in metallurgy, building, steel structure, hydraulic machinery, industry installation, and other industries.

The main drive roller and upper pinch roller of the straightening machine are made of high quality alloy steel and have undergone heat treatment to guarantee a long service life. Worm and gear transmission is used in the downward pinch device and has the advantages of great output torque and smooth operation. A motor of 7.5Kw and a two-stage cycloidal pinwheel reducer are used as the main drive and provide the advantages of high transmission efficiency, saving energy, and high straightening efficiency.

The straightening wheel is made of solid bearing steel which has undergone high frequency induction heat treatment, and is then ground and plated with hard chromium. All of this ensures that the H-Beam steel surface is smooth and the work piece surface will not be harmed by using the straightening machine. A large gas cylinder is used to provide pressing force, and the adjustment mechanism is adjusted by means of a synchronous worm and gear transmission. The upper straightening wheel is adjustable by as little as 1mm by a rotation of the hand wheel. The straightening machine is built with a strong, rigid structure and great output force, so that it can work at high speed, achieve high production efficiency, and service life is also extended. In addition, our straightening machine can work alone, or it can work together with the MT or MTD automatic cradle. These are used to move materials, thus increasing production efficiency and saving time.

Technical Specifications

Model JZ-40
Flange Plate Width mm 200-800
Flange Plate Thickness mm 6-40
Min. Web Plate Height mm 180
Straightening Working Speed mm/min 13300
Motor Power kw 15

Notice: When web plate height ranges from 160 to 350mm and the flange plate thickness is less than 14mm, the auxiliary straightening roll will be used. The flange plate material is Q235A. Flange plate width and thickness should be in accordance with the table below.

S (mm) 25 25-28 30-35 35-40
B (mm) 200-800 350-800 500-800 600-800
Model HYJ-60
Flange Plate Thickness mm 6-60
Flange Plate Width mm 200-800
Web Plate Thickness mm 6-50
Web Plate Height mm ≥350
Motor Power kw 22
Max Output Torque N.m 34770
Workpiece Moving Speed m/min 6.15
Pump Motor Power kw 15
Pump Displacement ml/r 25
Max System Pressure Mpa 20

Notice: H-Beam steel flange slab thickness and width must be in accordance with the table below and work piece material is 16Mn.

S (mm) 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60
B (mm) 200-800 300-800 400-800 500-800

Our company is a China-based straightening machine manufacturer and supplier. At Huaheng we also provide a metal deck roll forming machine, CNC flame cutting machine, C purlin forming machine, and more.

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