Submerged Arc Welding Machine

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Submerged Arc Welding Machine

Our submerged arc welding machine is a piece of equipment which is capable of automatic welding under flux covering, using an AC welding machine as arc power. The welding equipment is suitable for butt welding (which is horizontal or has a tilt angle of less than 10 degrees), lap welding, and fillet welding.

In comparison with traditional, manual welding, submerged arc welding offers many advantages. Some of the benefits of using the submerged arc welding machine are: improved production efficiency, high quality seams, reduced waste of welding materials and energy, small deformation, no arc light, little smoke, and better working conditions.

The submerged arc welding machine is a specialized piece of equipment used for steel welding, and it can be used to weld many materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, and bimetal. The machine is widely used in the machine manufacturing industry. Welding is done while the arc is under the cover of flux, so there is no arc light radiation, and submerged arc welding can do less harm to operators. In addition, there is no air hole or other flaws, thus improving seam quality. An advanced AC frequency controller is also used, so that the machine operates smoothly. The three-axis feedback system also ensures the seam and arc are on the same line, in order to get a high quality seam. This automatic welding machine is also equipped with a flux automatic transporting system, so it is highly efficient to operate.

Technical Specifications

Wing Plate Width mm 200-800
Wing Plate Height mm 200-1200
Workpiece Length mm 15000
Guide Width mm 4000
Welding Speed m/min 250-750
Welding Type fillet welding in the flat position
Welding Stick Size mm 3.2-5
Welding Powder Collector Weight kg 100
Numbers 2

Huaheng is a professional submerged arc welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also offers a multithread flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, Z purlin forming machine, EPS sandwich panel production line, and more.

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