Multithread Flame Cutting Machine

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Multithread Flame Cutting Machine

The CG1-400 multithread flame cutting machine is a highly efficient and energy saving cutting equipment used to cut a variety of carbon steel and manganese steel. It is equipped with multi flame torches and is used to achieve longitudinal cutting. This multithread cutting system can cut multi steel plates and the efficiency is higher than a traditional flame cutting machine.

The beam of the multithread flame cutting machine is formed by welding square steel tubes, which gives it the advantages of strong rigidity, high accuracy, low weight and small inertial force. All welded parts of the machine undergo an aging treatment in order to eliminate stress, so the stability of the machine is improved. Our multithread flame cutting machine is also equipped with an oxygen and acetylene distribution pipe, thus avoiding the need to frequently change gas cylinders. The machine is controlled by means of AC variable frequency speed regulation control technology, so it is safer and more reliable to operate our multithread flame cutting machine.

Technical Specifications

Horizontal Guide Length mm 4000
Longitudinal Guide Length mm 14000
Cutting Width mm 80-3300
Max. Cutting Length mm 12000
Cutting Thickness mm 8-100 (there are 4 or less flame torches)
8-50 (there are 5 or more flame torches)
Flame Torch Number units Longitudinal 9
Horizontal 1
Flame Torch Moving Speed mm/min 80-750
Max. Speed of Machine mm/min 2500
Gas Source for Cutting Oxygen

Notice: Longitudinal guide length is adjustable according to the requirements of customers, and we will tell customers the actual gas source for cutting when they purchase our product.

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