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The CNC cutting machine is a highly efficient automatic cutting equipment which is product of the combination of CNC control, precision machine, and flame and plasma flame cutting technology. Our CNC cutter is programmable, and it can cut plate into any shape, according to the program. This CNC cutting machine is widely used in many different machining manufacturing processes.

There are three typical methods of cutting plate: manual cutting, semi automatic cutting, and CNC cutting. Manual cutting offers the advantages of flexibility and convenience, however using this method results in poor product quality, large margin for cutting errors, waste of materials, poor working conditions, and low production efficiency. The shape cutting machine is semi-automatic cutting equipment which can achieve better product quality, but it is not suitable for single workpiece production, limited quantities, or large workpiece applications because of the use of a cutting mold. Even though semi-automatic cutting machine products can reduce the labor involved, they can only be used to cut regular shaped plate, due to their simple operation. The CNC cutter is highly efficient, and it can produce high quality products while greatly reducing the labor involved.

Nantong Huaheng Mechanical Manufacturing Company Ltd. is a professional CNC cutting equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, which provides flame cutting machine, CNC flame plasma cutting machine, and other related products. Our CNC cutting equipment offers advantages in cutting energy source and CNC system. Our cutting energy can use flame, plasma, and multi-head flame. Our CNC system is EDGE from Hypertherm or SH-2000 from START USA-CN which features multi-functional, intelligent, and networked control. In addition, our company is located in the Shanghai Economic Zone which reduces shipping fees due to convenient access to many modes of transport.

As a professional CNC cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Huaheng also offers a purlin forming machine, roll forming machine, H-beam steel production line, sandwich panel production line, and more.

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